2020 AGCPD Virtual Retreat

Our Virtual Retreat will be July 13-15, 2020.  Please click on this link to registration and view the full program details for the meeting.  Please note: We suggest you copy the Zoom Link for each day and paste it into your work calendar.  You will then have the code ready for use!  Thank you. 


Introducing Padlet for the upcoming AGCPD Virtual Retreat July 13-15, 2020

Padlet is a virtual bulletin board to help foster collaboration and share ideas.  We hope this platform will allow us to work together when we are apart given the circumstances of COVID. 

Link to our virtual bulletin board (Created by Holly Zimmerman):

https://padlet.com/hollyzimmerman/twlo9wuipt2gdm18 [padlet.com]

Anyone can access this page.   You do not need an account.  All comments will be listed as anonymous when you are not signed in to Padlet.  If you are signed in to Padlet through a new or existing account, comments will list your name.

Introductory Video:  Five minutes in length.  (Narrated by Kathleen Swenson)

https://youtu.be/MDtkHEw-qhI [youtu.be]