AGCPD Committees for 2021 and the Chairs or Co-Chairs

Standing Committees:

  • Finance committee: Amanda Bergner
  • Nominating committee: Kathleen Brown

Ad Hoc Committees:

  • Bylaws (Inactive)
  • Match Scholarship: Salma Nassef, Chair and Claire Davis, Board Liason
  • Membership: Laura Lichten
  • Committee on Advanced Training for Certified Genetic Counselors (CATCGC): Inactive
  • DEI: Gayun Chan-Smutko
  • Education: Cecelia A. Bellcross


  • Workforce Taskforce – Bonnie LeRoy and Cathy Wicklund
    • Sub-committees:
    • Applicant Pool – Angie Trepanier and Lori Erby
    • Program Director Pipeline – Barb Biesecker and Karin Dent
    • New Program Development – MaryAnn Campion
    • Clinical Training and Curriculum – Monica Marvin and Gretchen Schneider

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