AGCPD Membership Levels

Full Membership

Full members are graduate-level programs that are currently accredited by the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling (ACGC). Representatives of full member programs may attend meetings and be involved in committee work, including serving as chair. Each full member program designates one representative for voting purposes during any AGCPD business requiring a vote of membership.

Full Membership
(allows 1 representative)

Full Membership +1
(allows 2 representatives)

Full Membership +2
(allows 3 representatives)

Full Membership +3
(allows 4 representatives)

Associate Membership

Associate members are graduate-level programs that are actively planning to train board-certified genetic counselors and are currently seeking accreditation by the American Council for Genetic Counseling. Associate membership is granted to programs whose Letter of Intent has been accepted by ACGC. Representatives from associate member programs may attend AGCPD activities and participate in committee work, but are not eligible to chair an AGCPD committee or attend business meetings.

Associate Membership
(allows 1 representative)

Compare Memberships

Full Associate
Attend AGCPD activities
Attend AGCPD business meetings (i.e. voting privileges)
Serve as AGCPD committee chair
Serve on AGCPD committee
Participate in AGCPD listserve
Access shared resources

Emeritus Membership

Please contact us if you are retiring and wish to be considered for Emeritus Membership.

Emeritus Membership
(allows 1 representative)