Affiliate Membership
$200 / Year

Affiliate Membership is awarded to an institution which is currently in the process of planning a program to train graduate students to become ACGC-certified genetic counselors and award the Master’s degree, but has neither applied for accreditation through the ACGC nor submitted a letter of intent to ACGC.

Alternatively, this membership is open to an international program that is either already training individuals or is in the process of actively planning a program to train individuals to practice as genetic counselors in their home countries. It is not expected that international programs will be ACGC accredited or planning on seeking ACGC accreditation.

Associate Membership
$200 / Year
Associate Membership is awarded to programs that have a letter of intent that has been accepted by ACGC.
Full Membership
To qualify for the Full Membership category, a program must have current ACGC accreditation.
Full Membership +1
Full Membership +2

Additional program representatives for all membership programs: $50/person. Please let us know if you’ll need more users and we can send you a direct link to apply.

Qualifications for all membership categories will be reviewed by the AGCPD before membership is granted.